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Poor nutrition and physical inactivity are associated with a number of chronic conditions, including obesity, the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. We are involved in initiatives to increase the health of Burlington’s residents. With funding from the Vermont Department of Health, we are collaborating with and providing funding for community partners to assess and implement changes related to the following policy and environmental strategies:

• Enhance Mixed Use Development
Community Partners: Local Motion

• Create Pedestrian and Bicycle Friendly Communities
Community Partners: Local Motion,, City of Burlington, Burlington Walk/Bike Council

• Increase Access to Parks, Recreation Facilities and Open Space
Community Partners: Local Motion, Burlington Parks & Recreation

• Increase Access to Healthy Food
Community Partners: UVM Center for Rural Studies

• Healthy Food Assessment 
Community Partners: UVM Center for Rural Studies

We contracted with the Center for Rural Studies (CRS) at the University of Vermont  to complete an assessment of the accessibility and availability of healthy food in Burlington. The report included evidence-based policy recommendations for improving Burlington’s infrastructure in supporting access to healthy food and good nutrition.  

The assessment was funded by a Community Prevention Grant from the Vermont Department of Health.

The USDA Community Food Security Assessment Toolkit was the assessment tool used by the CRS between July 2013 and January 2014 and focused on five components of access to healthy food in Burlington:

1. Consumer Make-Up,
2. Logistics,
3. Economics,
4. Retail availability/Supply,
5. Institutional and Other Availability/Supply.

The methods used, results and policy recommendations are presented in the Burlington Healthy Food Assessment Results

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