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Youth group brings internationally renowned speaker to BHS 4/16!

On April 16th, 2018, our Burlington High School Above the Influence group is sponsoring a school-wide event, inviting students and staff to attend Dr. Mykee Fowlin’s one-man presentation, ‘You Don’t Know Me Until You Know Me.’ The performance will center on the importance of celebrating differences as an inclusive process, not just a tolerable one. It will deal with issues of personal identity, race, discrimination, suicide, gender equality, homophobia, and ableism. His core message is that “we are capable of transforming the world, for the good, through the process of
turning our hurt into self-reflection, healing, and then action.” Click here to find out more about Mykee.

“After Mykee’s speech the only thing I could do was cry.. It showed me how much I had kept bottled up inside.. I was able to take some of the hardships, sadness and the words of all his characters and relate them back to my own life.”
~ Shamura Awayle, 8th Grader at Hunt

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