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Help Us Keep Friday Night Family Dinners Going!

We started family dinners to support teens asking for substance-free social time. We were surprised by how many kids are coming! We need your help to raise enough to keep them going for the rest of this school year.

At Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community, we are committed to supporting the next generation of healthy citizens by empowering youth to make a difference in their own community. Our Above the Influence leadership group members meet on Fridays after school to practice leadership and advocacy skills as they work to help make Burlington the healthiest community it can be.

Every other Friday, we hold Friday Night Family Dinners to give them the opportunity to build stronger friendships and bond as a group while cooking a healthy meal to share. When we started these dinners, we planned for 8-10 students…but the interest grew quickly and now 20-25 students are coming each time!

Due to the unexpectedly large attendance at the dinners, we need your help to continue funding them! For as little as the price of a cup of coffee ($5), you can feed one student at a Friday Family Dinner. Giving up just one coffee a week for a month ($25) would provide dessert and drinks for a dinner. Click to make a donation to support Friday Family Dinners and the health and safety of Burlington teens.

Above the Influence member Shamura Awayle said, “I like spending time with my friends and eating food. Family Dinner shows that there are better alternatives than going out and using substances. It also shows us to share personal stories we wouldn’t have before and that makes our prevention work much better.”

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