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Published on February 8th, 2021 | by Burlington Partnership


A New Year of Prevention in Burlington

This month as I started putting together a reflection for this newsletter for the new year I began with a message of hope…and then the riot at the Capitol fueled by white supremacists began to unfold. I was, as I imagine most of you were, stopped in my tracks as I watched American democracy under siege. In a democracy and a community like this one, debate over important issues is natural. Disagreement and differing opinions are even healthy – too many of the same opinions could mean there are not enough diverse perspectives and experiences involved. But inciting and participating in violence, particularly violence and aggression like what we saw at the Capitol with the intention of silencing voices you disagree with, is unacceptable. 

But these are not just the problems for the people in a building far away in DC. Intolerance, injustice, and white supremacy are problems for all of us to grapple with and address even in our own Burlington community. 

I hope you take extra care of yourself this week. Go to bed a little early. Drink lots of water. Call someone who loves you. Allow yourself some space to breathe and recharge. And when you are ready, take that outrage/fear/concern you felt last week and use it to fuel your next steps to take action with us toward that message of hope for our community and beyond.

The Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community remains committed to supporting effective substance misuse prevention strategies in Burlington. Creating an environment where everyone in our community feels safe, connected, valued, and heard are important components of that work.

Our work will continue to focus on the critical role that policy, practice, and strong leadership and governance play in advancing the health and connection of this community, and equitable access to it. We will continue our work to help fulfill the promise of democracy by providing the BTV community with tools to address inequitable barriers to healthy choices in our communities and our institutions. 


Mariah Sanderson, Coalition Director

Below we’ve compiled a few resources for parents and caregivers to discuss the riots at the Capitol with your children and help them process the events:

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