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Parents are still the #1 influence on teens’ decision making

Research shows, parents are still the #1 influence on teens’ decision making. Vermont parents know we should talk with our kids about alcohol and drugs early and often. But how do we get started!?! has videos with tips from Vermont parents on how to keep teens on the right track when it comes to alcohol and other drug use. Check them out here today!

According to the 2015 Vermont Youth Behavior Risk Survey, 30% of teens in Vermont reported drinking alcohol in the past 30 days, and 16% reported binge drinking (5+ drinks in a row). In the same time period, 7% of students reported driving after drinking, 22% reported smoking marijuana, and 15% reported driving after using marijuana. Clearly, these conversations are an important part of helping to keep our kids safe and supporting them make healthy decisions.

Even if it may seem like teens are not listening, research show that children of all ages are deeply influenced about their parents’ opinions and values. The ParentUP Vermont website provides useful support to help parents make a plan for talking to their teen and find resources to get help for your teen if you think they might be using already. The website is easy to navigate and tailored to the needs of Vermont families!

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