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Risky Business: An Evening with Michael Nerney

Risky Business: Why Adolescents Love Risk-Taking, and How We Can Help Manage It

As a parent it’s not hard to conjure up this scary image: 110 mph on the highway, music blaring, open containers, four teens in the car…why do adolescents find drinking alcohol and engaging in high-risk behaviors so attractive?

Recent research on the adolescent brain clearly demonstrates that adolescents perceive and process risk assessment in ways that are remarkably unlike adults. Changes in receptor site numbers and sensitivity, neurotransmitter action, and social-emotional responses all combine to influence how teens evaluate risk.

During his presentation Mr. Nerney will offer new ways to think about and talk about adolescent risk reduction, including access to structured risk taking, and the use of “gist” language. These concepts can be applied across the spectrum of adolescent risky behaviors, including drug and alcohol use, sexual activity, and others.

Join ParentIN Burlington & BPHC Wednesday March 28, 2018 at 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm at the Hunt Middle School Auditorium for an evening that will help you understand why teens seem to seek out trouble, and how to encourage them to take healthy, safe risks.

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